Tequila Trip on Hot Air Balloon Tour

Tequila Trip on Hot Air Balloon Tour

Tequila Trip on Hot Air Balloon Tour takes place on a air balloon flights in Tequila Jalisco

The balloon flight in Jalisco begins very early in the morning. You will meet first with managers to guide your experience and they will explain in detail your adventure. Once you know what you do, Get ready to fly through the air!

At the end of your flight, it will take place the traditional toast to celebrate with those who have flown for the first time and also for the success of the balloon ride. You also enjoy a Mexican-style breakfast and a special tour in a traditional tequila Amatitlan, where they will show you everything about the production of tequila.

The balloon flight in Jalisco is an experience to fall in love with this beautiful state!

Fly air balloon over the Valley region in Amatitán, Jalisco. See the towns this incredible area as Tequila Jalisco, El Arenal, Tala or Teuchitlán.

Amatitán Nahuatl meaning “grove of fig trees” gives you the opportunity to explore from the air and watch one of the municipalities producing state’s largest tequila.
We will see from the short ride the towns of Amatitan, Tequila, and the Pyramid Site called Guachimontones.

Our jurney starts by reserving with GDL Tours at gusmelor@gdltours.com our exclusive transportation will pick you up early in the morning with a hot pot of fresh coffee. Once on the site we go on board the hot air balloon with a qualified pilot to start our lift off.

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If you are looking for a unique alternative to the annual company meeting, or need a refreshing twist for your corporate event or convention, then contact GDL tours DMC at +52 (33) 1578 0421 to arrange for a Corporate Balloon Ride Charter! A hot air balloon ride will make any corporate event more memorable!

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