Visit Chapala Lake Ajijic Mezcala Island: an Intriguing and fascinating Place

Mezcala Island is near the town of Mezcala, on the northern shore of Lake Chapala, about an hour from Guadalajara, Mexico.

From 1812 to 1816, a small band of Mexican rebels on the island held off the Spanish army and navy against overwhelming odds. Tired of the humiliation, the Spanish finally negotiated a peaceful surrender with the insurgents. Later the island served as a Spanish prison for many years.

There is a Ceremonial precinct where indigenous structures and hieroglyphics existed on the island before the fortifications were built, there are still traces remaining. Now the ruins are being catalogued and restored by the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History.

Tours of the island can begin from Guadalajara with gdltours Your guide will drive you to Chapala and take a small boat to the Mezcala Island. The tour of the island itself takes about an hour once the boat launch brings you to the island’s shore. Be sure to wear good shoes for walking through the ruins and rubble.

Your guide will share with you a few intriguing secrets about this island that regular travelers never see or overlook.

On the way back from the island, you can enjoy the fresh breezes and feel the heat evaporate from your body.

The tour to Mezcala is at least five hours long and to recuperate from the heat and the sun your gdl Tour Guide will recommend a cold beer.

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