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Guadalajara Foot Ball Soccer Game

Guadalajara Foot Ball Soccer Game Tour

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México is a country where sports are very popular, being the soccer the one that meets hundreds of families keen on the sport. México has had the opportunity to hold twice ¨World Soccer Cup¨, 1970 and 1986 editions

Enjoy the opportunity to atend a soccer game in one of the 3 stadiums, Omnilife (40 thousand spectators) Jalisco (75,000 spectators), and 3 de Marzo (30 Thousand). They are home to local teams sucha as ¨Las Chivas¨ (the goats), Atlas, Black Lions and Tecos (the owls)

In Guadalajara soccer is the most popular sport. Chivas of Guadalajara is the most popular team nationally and one of the oldest. In addition, Chivas is the only team with all players of Mexican origin. Atlas is known for its academic game type, jovial, and his loyal fans. The Tecos have a college hobby (UAG) and compete with the Black Lions (UDG).


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I recommend attending any football match in Guadalajara where the football passion comes alive.

Prices vary and are usually Saturdays and Sundays. Also in these stages various events are held. These events are for all ages, but I suggest that when you have a big game minors beware that there are many people who want to enter or leave at the same time, but it is usually safe and organized.

You can find food like the famous cakes drowned goat birria, tacos hot dogs, torgas ahogadas and more.

Inside the stadium there from cold beer to any kind of snack. Another feature of the Monumental Estadio Jalisco is to witness two of the most important classics in Mexican soccer.

One of them is the oldest vs Chivas. Atlas, and the other is the Super Clasico Chivas vs. America too much rivalry

The Jalisco Stadium Games or Omnilife stadium are lived with passion and not to be missed.

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